cliq-kenz1 meet McKenzie. you’ve probably seen her on our blog with her super cute family, or maybe you follow her in blog-land. Either way, I’m thrilled to announce you’ll be seeing more of her over here because we’ve teamed up to photograph posts for her blog; girl loves glam!

Eek! I am anxious to work closely with this talented friend of mine. she has fun things planned so be watching

cliq1meet my friend McKenzie & her equally adorable family. McKenzie happens to be the author of a brilliant blog & if you aren’t following her already, you’re missing out! Check out all her creative tips & fashionable spark here: www.girllovesglam.comcliq5I was pumped to have a session with them; their little Harper is such a doll! look at those cheeks and big beautiful eyes! this family has a great bond; while giving them a moment to enjoy a granola bar break, it was giggles and smilescliq8luv you guys – thanks for all the funcliq2

Now that Fall has arrived, I will be grabbing our jackets & hats to keep warm on those crispy mornings. Thankfully, I have a very talented friend, Tara (who I lovingly call Miss Tara Sue) who made these super fun hats. But I can’t keep her talents to myself. Emmett’s hat is one of a kind! I chose the colors & asked for a “monster”.  Tara asked questions re: expression (happy, sad, scary), teeth, etc. Every aspect of this kiddo’s hat, down to the ear flaps & tassels, is completely custom. 

this character hat – $12.00 (yee-ahh!)

I personally love myself a fun hat! I will be sporting this piece often. The flower is removable & came with 3 other fun colors; in bright green, red, & purple.

 Momma’s flirty hat w/ 4 flowers $15.00 (score!)

Tara has many other designs & welcomes customizing for her clients

Contact Tara @