I want to say extend my gratitude for this wonderful couple; for trusting me with their special day. as well as to this man’s momma, Kimberly, (who is also a photographer). Kim contacted me months ago, requesting that I record her son’s wedding day – I am quite thrilled to be part of this special day! We captured these formals a few weeks ago; the day was bitterly cold. but we braved the icy winds together. However, despite the frigid air, they still look unphased, so much in love,! Congratulations on your wedding today; thank you again  Andi & Teagancliq1cliq7ecliq4cliq7dcliq7cliq8cliq9cliq10cliq12

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I ran into this adorable couple at the state fair; actually his Momma caught me in the crowds, saying she had an wedding coming up in the family and needed to get me in touch with her son & his beautiful bride to be. Later that evening, they spotted me; Hooray! Honestly, I was delighted they found me and that our schedules worked out perfectly.  they had a beautiful day in November, surrounded by many loved ones & friends. so grateful I was able to be a small part of their big day – congratulations Tonya & Tyler!

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today’s feature is the fabulous Kim & Kaden

they’re a beautiful pair and their formal session was packed full of laughter and fun. they compliment  each other perfectly. we first went to the Woodman Ballroom in Rexburg for a quite elegant atmosphere. fitting for a dress reveal. Later we finished up at the LDS Temple, where the setting sun left beautiful skies for these twoCliqCollagecliq2cliq11Collagecliq15cliq16cliq17cliq18cliq19cliq1

capturing special moments like these for our clients is such a privilege; thank you K & K for trusting me with your biggest day!! watch for part 2 of Kim & Kaden’s wedding celebration; many more awesome images to comecliq25

cliq1jessica & hyrum were sealed for all time and eternity in the Logan, Utah LDS temple. it was a beautiful spring morning, no clouds or even a whisper of a breeze. their session was as bright as the day, nothing but laughter & smiles; congratulations to you both. thank you for letting me capture your big day!Collagecliq6



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 this couple woke up on their wedding day to find Salt Lake City, Utah was experiencing a blizzard; in April! Luckily the SLC Temple grounds are always beautiful, but it was nice the Joseph Smith Memorial Building was close to provide elegant indoor space as well. Tamara & John are an absolutely perfect pair; Thank you for including me on your big daycliq5








congratulations Mr & Mrs Christensen