Monthly Archives: October 2013

cliq1the rudd family was an adventure; off to grandmothers house we went. the yard was fabulous, providing this handsome family a cozy fall afternoon. their pint sized kids were quite energetic, anxious to play in the leaves and pose for the lenscliq7cliq6acliq5cliq4cliq3cliq8thank you rudd familycliq2

cliqoh my goodness, Savannah is one a beautiful girl!!  However, beyond her striking good looks & originality; she’s quite talented. this girl will do great things; I am so happy for her to go off and make her mark on this worldcliq2cliqCollagecliq8cliq7bI just adore this girl & so lucky to call her a friend – she is truly; one of a kind!cliqCollage2

first off; a warm-heartfelt thank you to all our clients who supported Cliq Photography this year!! in doing so, you also helped make this adventure a possibility for our familycliq-disney101“world of colors” is a super entertaining display located at Disneyland’s California’s Adventure; which incorporates water, light, imagery, sound and fire – it will melt your facecliq-dsney4cliq-disney3cliqdisney10