Monthly Archives: June 2013

cliq24 i have been looking forward to Nicole & Adam’s day on temple square for awhile; clear blue skies, a light breeze and birds singing in the trees. an absolutely beautiful day for a wedding. i could not have been happier sitting on the grounds, chatting the afternoon away with my mom while we waited for my bride!!

she is stunning. her & her beau are quite charming together cliq11cliq13Collage2cliq9cliq20congratulations Mr & Mrs Boone – wishing you every happinesscliq23

cliq7jacque & kevin are beautiful together; it’s easy to see their love cliq20they were surrounded by family & good friends on a beautiful evening in the mountains. the atmosphere was perfect; light-hearted laughter lingered in the air, garden party lights strung in the trees and an inviting bon fire once the sun started to set – lovely summer momentscliq6i couldn’t be happier these two hearts have found each other – congratulations mr & mrs poulsen!!cliq17

cliq1i was very happy to meet with little ms.Shelby and her family once again. she is at the age where everything around her is quite fascinating..  she was happy to climb trees, find snails in the brook, give big hugs and even make dandelions wishes.. seriously this little girl is ADORABLEcliq-acliqcollagethank you fletcher family for sharing your sweet baby girlcliq2

cliq10maegan had contacted me a few days prior to their date and thankfully i was open. i hadn’t met either of them before they were announced as mr & mrs.-  so i had been slightly nervous of some unknowns; mainly chemistry between myself and my newly wedded couple…  however it all came together quite well.  the sunny skies & bright smiles made for an enjoyable morning capturing their daycliq15cliq9cliq13cliq19congratulations Mr & Mrs Matt Dyercliq16

cliq-candywhose thrilled for candy’s wedding..?… this photographer sure is!

a bride, a dress and spectacular chemistry with her groom! i cannot wait to share more of this beautiful girl; however her man is going to be surprised by his lovely bride on June 21st – *sigh* – it’s adorable really