Monthly Archives: October 2012

my goodness, the Higley’s are stylish as well as cute! these kids were absolutely great sports. they smiled through snowy-34-degree weather, but we worked quickly & got stellar results – loving the unique snowy-fall look they scored!

i adore this last image; maybe it’s not “the perfect shot” but i love how their lil Miss is more interested in the snow- it’s so darling! thank you Bryson & Dawnell for sharing your family with me

i usually feature my clients but today’s post is of my little family. it’s a challenge to find the time for my own session, but with the help of a friend, (giving some pointers & handing off my camera) we were able to get some great images! i love tender moments & candid shots.. thankfully i have a few of my very own

 fall is such a beauitful time of year; very colorful.. i am quite grateful we were able to take advantage of the season – thank you K for all your help & patience while helping me out

oh, my my .. aren’t they stellar? i have been quite anxious to share this family.  my shoots are always great, but occasionally there is a sesh that’s wow! the dye family is one; completely at ease, laughs and into having fun! besides, the weather & scenery were absolutely fab

these 4 kiddos have bright sparkly smiles – course their parents do make a stunning couple

Greg & Stacie; thank you for sharing your family!!