Monthly Archives: May 2012

this little moster is such a cutie, looking very grown up with a serious face

however, that smile is priceless. it tends to spread smiles where ever he goes

and those little man toes – adore! he has my heart – xoxo

the smile on her face says it all – she is in LOVE

 isn’t their heart fabulous? 

love this- such a lovely moment

these lovebirds were a delight – a light hearted, laughter filled couple. i am quite looking forward to their wedding in september!

my sissy & her beautiful family – the halls.

greyson’s blue eyes & baby cheeks…  adorable

this little man makes me giggle – his smile is infectious

 and chad is so grown up now. quite a handsome boy going on 7yrs

the boys were a dream. smiling & showing their little personalities easily

i am loving their family head shot, it’s not orderly or perfectly balanced, which makes it work – beautifully. love you to pieces!

they are a striking couple – a handsome man with his beautiful bride

their wedding was a gorgeous celebration; the weather cleared (it had been rainy & cold just hours before). they, as well as their guests & family insisted i enjoy the party- simply a wonderful group of people celebrating the beginning of Jacque & Joe.

thank you Mr. & Mrs. Briggs, i am thankful i could be a part of your beautiful day!

their smiles are ones of true happiness (notice: her nails spell bride – adorable!)

i love her pop of color with those shoes!

i did have a harder time getting a serious look – they couldn’t stop giggling & beaming at each other to get serious. however, i dig this one.  Ty & Brandi, I will see you at the wedding; can’t wait!!