Monthly Archives: March 2012

oh my my – these fellas are handsome! their names are Caleb, David, Justin, Christian, Spencer & Sergio – wowza!  how the heck did i luck out; getting 6 handsome fellas together at once?these men didn’t disappoint me – they have great smiles, which come easily because the laughs are endlessevery group has a goof-ball, (cutie Caleb on the end). they were so easy working with me, no whining about smiling or strong/bold faces (Spence- yours is awesome)  i felt like i was shooting my brothers or guys i’d known from way back when…however, a handsome face isn’t worth anything without some personality & spontaneity!

thank you guys of the “Palace Flop House” – for all the laughs; i enjoyed our afternoon!

behind this door – 3 ladies played dress up one gloomy tuesday afternoonJacqueline’s wedding dress is a surprise. I am only 1 of 3 people who have see it; and I must say – it is fabolus on her!   I loved capturing all the fun dress up moments for Jacque – I am anxious to share more images of her